If you say it…DO IT!

We’re 3 weeks into the new year. How’s it going? Are you still keeping those resolutions? I hope so. You made them and keeping your word is more important than you think. There are several reasons why keeping your word is important, not to others but to yourself. Why do we keep our promises to others rather than ourselves? Are they more important? Think of your word as a muscle. The more you keep your word and goals the stronger you get at doing them. Just like with lifting weights, the more you lift, the stronger you get.

Practice and train your words. For example, if you say you’re going to drink 60 ounces of water daily. Practice it. Focus on it. Put passion with keeping your word to drink the water. Make it a priority. Keep it visible or set a timer as a reminder. ANYTHING just practice keeping your word. Think about how proud and good it makes you feel when you stick to your word. Practice, practice, practice.

Know that your words matter to no one but you. Whatever your goals are, they’re your goals. Don’t feel obligated to share every detail of your journey with someone. If you have to,  journal it. Write it down and release it that way. We’re competitive  by nature, so when you keep your goals and words to yourself you decrease or eliminate the need to compete. Every time you keep your word to yourself you’ll notice it becomes easier and easier. Plus it builds self confidence and excitement for the next goal and before long you’ll be up for any challenge.

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