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Can you believe how fast January went by? Wow.. Hello February! I love February for a few reasons but the main¬†reason is… It’s my birthday month. February 28 is my bday and I’m accepting gifts all month long ūüôā .

Now that you know¬†the most important information about this weeks blog, let’s talk about visions. We all start the year out with resolutions and goals, but the real test¬†is¬†doing¬†them.¬†How are you doing so far with keeping your word? For me, I find that if I write the vision or goal for whatever I’m working on, it makes it easier to accomplish.¬†So this past weekend I attended my first vision board party. While¬†this wasn’t my first board, it was my first party, and I had a great time. My¬†girlfriend hosted an awesome party. She had food, drinks, and all the things we needed to complete our boards but we also brought supplies of our own.

I’ve found that having a vision board helps¬†me stay focused on my goals.¬†It can serve as my¬†motivator and keeps¬†me on track. I like¬†a board that is not cluttered and without too much stuff, as that can be a distraction for me. I normally¬†place words and images that remind me of my purpose for the year. I leave space and room¬†so that I can add more words and images throughout the¬†year. Another¬†thing I do with my board is place it in a frame. The frame allows me to write on the glass without writing on the board. I write notes, scriptures and quotes pretty much¬†anything that can push me to stay the course.¬† The frame also allows me to hang it up easily in a place¬†where I know I’m going to see it daily.

This years¬†board for 2017¬†is going to focus on my business, particularly the clothing line¬†ILMBwear. I added things that I wanted ILMBwear to do increase our brand¬†visibility. A few goals this year will be to¬†offer wholesale, sell in¬†boutiques, and increase our social media presence (mainly Instagram).¬† So as you can see I have a lot planned for this year and¬†while I’m excited¬†I know that it’s going to require a lot of work , dedication and focus. What are your goals and visions this year? Do a vision board or keep a journal to help you get started on realizing that¬†your dreams can become a reality.

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